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To learn more about fellowships and external scholarships, please contact the Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships at or by phone at 573-341-7600. Please provide your name, academic standing, major, research interests, email address, and advisor's name when you contact us. 

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Do you know an awesome student deserving of a fellowship? Let us know at Provide the student's name, contact info, and a brief paragraph about why this student should pursue and receive a specific fellowship. 

Fellowships & External Scholarships

These prestigious awards provide substantial funding for study, research, teaching, community service, or leadership experiences in the United States or abroad.  Fellowships and external scholarships provide valuable experience for numerous career fields. 

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Why should I apply for fellowships and research scholarships?

  • Exploring your post-graduation options?
  • Intrigued by the possibility of international travel?
  • Interested in opening doors to extraordinary academic, professional, and personal experiences?
  • Seeking ways to strengthen your résumé or grad school application?
  • Eager to join a network of accomplished and dynamic people?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, and if you’re committed to academic success, you may be a candidate for a nationally competitive, merit-based scholarship or fellowship.

How can we help?

Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships can help you develop the skills and insights you’ll need to become a strong candidate for a scholarship or fellowship. We can also guide you in identifying programs that match your experience and interests. Once you’ve selected a program, we’ll provide expertise and resources to assist with all components of your application. Finally, if you’re applying for a fellowship that requires campus nomination, we’ll manage that process.

Start NOW!

Although most fellowships are available only to advanced undergraduates or those who have recently earned a bachelor’s degree, the path to a competitive application begins much earlier. Strong candidates are high-achieving students who have a clear vision for their future and the ability to communicate that vision to others. If you’re a freshman or sophomore, there’s no better time to begin developing your goals, identifying programs that can help you meet them, and building the skills and resources that you’ll need when it’s time to apply. If you’re a junior or senior, we can help you accelerate that process. Take the first step by making an appointment now!

Faculty & Staff

Get involved!

Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships promotes excellence in student success by assisting students across disciplines who wish to apply for prestigious, merit-based awards. We guide students as they articulate their goals, identify appropriate programs, and work through the application process.

Faculty and staff provide crucial support for this effort.

  • Talk to students about the opportunities and benefits offered by competitive scholarships and fellowships.
  • Identify and refer students who could be competitive candidates.
  • Share your own experiences in applying for scholarships and fellowships or conducting research abroad.
  • Help students identify sponsoring institutions in the countries where they hope to study.
  • Write letters of recommendation.
  • Serve on campus nomination committees.

If you received a fellowship as an undergraduate or master’s degree student, or if you have other fellowship-related experience, please contact our office at We’ll add you to our list of faculty/staff contacts.

Recent Recipients

Past Winners

Owen Smith is the recipient of a 2018 Russia Fulbright Award. Thanks to a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant award and a Fulbright Critical Language Enhancement award, Owen Smith is headed to Russia where he'll spend ten months polishing his Russian and teaching English in Tyumen, a bustling city just north of the Kazakh border.

Full Story

Getting started

Research scholarships and fellowships are merit-based awards that fund study, research, or teaching experiences in the United States and around the world.  They include the National Science Foundation, Fulbright U.S. Student program, the Goldwater Scholarship, and many more. These prestigious programs offer life-changing personal and professional opportunities. 

Each scholarship and fellowship program has its own eligibility requirements. Successful applicants are high-achieving students with the initiative and drive to participate in exciting research. 

Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships can help you identify scholarship and fellowship programs that match your strengths and interests. If you're not sure yet what you want from a scholarship or fellowship, we can help you articulate your goals. Once you're ready to apply, we offer guidance throughout the application process. 

You'll find a list of major scholarship and fellowship programs by clicking on the appropriate academic categories above. Each list offers a brief description of each program as well as basic information about eligibility, application procedures, and deadlines. It also includes links to program websites, where you'll find more detailed information.